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About Me

Events and Occasions are very special to families and companies. To make these events and occasions more colourful, more entertaining, more interactive, more fun we need someone to host the event. I take privilege in introducing myself as an Event Host (called by other names as Event Emcee, MC, Stage Emcee, Anchor, Master of Ceremonies) who makes your work easier at your event and makes the event memorable for you and your near and dear ones.

I have hosted more than 1800 events in the last 10 years (until 30th Sep 2021) to Live Audience across India and also to Virtual Audience across Globe. I have also acted in the Award Winning Tamil Movie “Aruvi”, Award Winning Short Film “Rudran” and various other Short Films. I have also appeared in various TV Channels and YouTube Channels.

I worked for Puthuyugam TV Channel as Freelance Actor in 2013-14 and for ITV as show Producer and Anchor in 2014. I’ve been into Full Time Events since 2015.

I love to connect and interact with people. Being an emcee gives me a wonderful platform to connect with a live audience. Hence I enjoy my work and give my heart and soul in any of my events.

I always believe that the good thing in the world is to be happy, the better thing would be me being the reason for others’ happiness and the best way to do it is being a Performer.

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