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How to organize an Alumni Meet School College reunion


Checklist for Reunion Events

1. School / College Name and City:
2. Year of Passing:
3. Reunion Event Date:
4. Timing:
5. Venue:
6. If the venue is not yet decided, which is your preferred venue? (Your own school/ College, Hotel, Resort, Outstation, Any other)
7. Planning only for Students or Family as well:
8. Planning to invite Teachers?: (Yes / No)
9. Approx Head count (including Students, Family, Teachers, kids):
10. Have you had a reunion before? If so, how many times and how frequently?
11. Event Services needed?: (Audio / Mic, Emcee to compere the show, Emcee to conduct games, Performers like magic show, dance, etc, Stalls like Tattoo, Balloon shooting, photo booth, etc, Food, Decorations, Photography. any other)
12. Please list the Event Services already booked:
13. Planning for internal performances from the alumni’s side: (Yes / No)
14. Approximate Budget for Emcee and for other event services:
15. Any other questions / remarks?:

Video Links of Reunion Events Hosted by MC Thamizharasan

Alumni feedback after TCE college reunion at Madurai Courtyard Marriott

Hindu college Reunion Stall activities organized by Chennai Event Emcees – A Quick View!

Team Games at Doctor’s reunion Event at Mahabalipuram

Fun game with ropes at Madurai TCE college reunion MC Thamizh

Quiz game with photos at Madurai TCE College reunion Emcee Thamizh

Connections game at Madurai TCE college reunion Emcee Thamizh

Sitting and playing games at TCE college reunion at Madurai Courtyard Marriott Hotel

Interesting tricky fun games at TCE college reunion Madurai Anchor Thamizh

Mind games and magic tricks at Madurai TCE college reunion MC Thamizh

Interesting funny games at doctors college reunion event with family MC Thamizh

Director Murugadoss performing Mimicry at college reunion hosted by chennai event emcees at Pondicherry

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